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DIY Orange splash

DIY Orange splash


DIY Photoshoot “Oranges…not just a great source of vitamin C but they make great shots too”

It was just another sleepless night, where instead of watching television, reading a book, or listening to music like the majority of the world, I found my calm through my DSLR. I acknowledged an idea that I have contemplating on for a while, a small tutorial. This tutorial wasn’t a walk in the park either. This tutorial took time, and several trial and errors. Please enjoy the tips and hope it helps in expanding perspectives. Remember to be very careful with the water splashes and your gear.
  1. For the set up it is best if u cover the flashes with a ziploc bag or something transparent.
  2. Both flashes were set at 1/8 of a power.
    1. I had to do some minor editing but remember the key to getting a good picture is the way you position your flashes.
  3. Position your flashes and use a remote or timer to capture the shot.
I used a 10 sec timer on the DSLR to time myself when to drop the orange.

here are the set up pics


Final Result